Monday, March 07, 2011

Tonos Dulces

Tonos Dulces__30 x 24 oil on linen__for Cowgirl Up! Wickenburg, AZ, March 25 - May 8

The title means "Sweet Sounds", referring to the bell and the song of the doves.
I have painted several versions of the bells at San Xavier in Arizona, but this one is my favorite because of the doves. THe mission itself is known as "the Dove of the desert"..I might change the title to "The Dove of the Desert". See a detail below.
If you are near Wickenburg, go to the Desert Caballeros Museum to see the show! Cowgirl Up! is a great gathering of the best women artists working in western themes...I have 3 large works there this year, and a couple of small I am trying to re-wrangle my schedule so that I can go out to the show for a couple days.!


John Farnsworth said...

Hi V. Love the Dove! Good luck in Wickenburg!

Kristin said...

Beautiful painting! I love the colors in the shadows!

Susan Roux said...

Very nice! This painting has an old world feel. I was surprised to read it was in Arizona. Love the subtle colors in the lit stucco.

Janice said...

This one is beautiful!

Douglas Clark said...

Beautiful, I love the shadow of the dove on the wall.