Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Textures Passing

Spring Textures Passing__6x8 oil on linen panel_for Passing America: The Great Plains

The Great Plains have no SPECIFIC boundary. In fact, when I began this project, I spent some study time trying to map out a border, but found as many different definitions for this boundary as there was reference to it! Some books described the plains all the way to the Texas Gulf Coast, while others stopped short, somewhere in Central Texas. Either way, I was glad to know that I have spent my whole life in the Great Plains (having lived in Central Texas all my life).

Saturday day we went east to College Station, TX where my in-laws settled after we all left the farm. Today, March 19 is my mother-in-law, Billie Vaughan's birthday. Driving there takes us through a few narrow bands of Texas' diverse landscape, but this scene was typical of this time of year, when the trees are just starting to bud out....the little farm was separated from it's barns by a fence line and little bunch of trees.

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Douglas Clark said...

Each season has its own colors, don't you think. How cool to be able to capture them all with a limited palete!