Monday, March 28, 2011

Gruene Kiss

Gruene Kiss___16x20 oil on linen, special commission for S.S. Gruene (pronounced "GREEN) is a small Texas town South of Austin. It is a GREAT and "cool" little town where you just HAVE to go shop and stroll with a loved one! One of my galleries, Cactus Jack's is in Gruene.
Well, Gruene was the scene of an important date in Texas history...I mean a real, romantic-type date, for this couple! They happen to be collectors who own a few of my paintings, and S. thought it would be cool to commission a special painting for a big wedding anniversary coming up.

There is something very personal and special about this kiss...I think it might have been their FIRST kiss, and initiated by S....I enjoyed painting it, though I have to say I have never done one quite like this. The fun part was imagining the fun day they must have had, the circumstance before the kiss, and then wondering "what happened after that..."


Linda Popple said...

What a fantastic gift! Love your painting!

Chris said...

loveeeee this-lucky them

Austin Painter said...

I was just in Gruene on Saturday. Very nice painting. I love it!

Douglas Clark said...

Very nice, you can paint it all.

Joseph Cross said...

You can paint it all indeed!

Just realized I can check out your artwork in person...Castle Gallery, Ft. Wayne, IN. Not far from here!


Dee Day said...

I could not believe this was a painting at first. It looks so real. Great job!!