Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Morning Moonset

Morning Moonset___24x24 oil on linen____for Cowgirl Up! Wickenburg, AZ, March 25-May 8

Here is my third painting for the big show! It is a scene I saw a few years ago while in Northern Arizona...my favorite time of day is early morning and it is a real treat to see the full moon going down just as the sun is rising. ... I like it when it's still dark enough that the lights on the farms are still visible, so that's how I painted this scene...and it is an Arizona landscape without the saguaro cactus icon!!!The little part that took me the longest was the moon! Click the blog image to see a larger version, and MAYBE you can see the man in the moon! Join me in Wickenburg if you can! Please tell all your Arizona friends to come see the show!
***WORKSHOPS ahead!...
Fredericksburg, TX in mid June. Start planning ! It will be my longest workshop of the year.
David City, NEBRASKA in October. This one is in conjunction with the opening of my newest exhibit. A solo show at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln. The workshop is filling fast.
email me if you want the brochure/info on these workshops vvaughan8@yahoo.com


William R. Moore said...

Such a nice painting. Great time of day effects. I like.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!! You sure captured the light and the mood and the detail. Congrats.

Douglas Clark said...

Congratulations on another great one, you are the queen of the sunrise/sunset painting.