Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post Oak Ponds

Post Oak Ponds__6x8 oil on linen panel__for Passing America: The Great Plains

Returning from College Station, TX we passed through the narrow "Post Oak Belt" of Texas.
To look at a geologic map of Texas there are "bands" of "eco-systems" that follow a sort of parallel with the coast line. These seem to step down from the high plains (Llano Estacado) and the Cap Rock Escarpment. The eco-regions include the Blackland Prairies (where our old farm was....situated on sticky, black clay dirt), and the Post Oak Belt, which has sandy, red dirt. There are places where you can see black clay on one side of the road, and red sand on the other...

Driving back toward the sunset, I caught a glimpse of this scene : a little farm back in the trees, with only the porch lights visible.....behind us in the east, the full moon (called Supermoon this month) was rising...

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B Lancton said...

I have to laugh - I end up marking every one of your posts as "unread" so that I will be able to remember that particular one, and come back to view the painting again and again. Well, of course that means that none of your posts are "read", which defeats the purpose. Virginia, your paintings touch me in a special way - this one in particular.