Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Morning, Anyway

Good Morning, Anyway___6x6 oil on canvas panel___SOLD
I jumped out of my car and stood in the path, premixing these colors while waiting for the gang to show up for our morning session.  I stayed close to the parking lot, since it was dark...about 30 minutes before sunrise and the moon was just fading...these colors are important to capture quickly. The cars were pulling in, and I didn't look up when I heard the footsteps...thinking it was one of "us" I said "good morning", in a cheery morning voice! (yes, I know, not everyone appreciates an annoyingly cheery "morning-person", so I poured it on thick to be even MORE anoying! hahaha all in fun!)...well the footsteps were from a man who had come to fish, and he was especially GRUMPY...didn't say a word, but glared at me very well! It turns out that Valerie had just said a cheery hello to him and he didn't like that, either!...well, we all ruined his fishing as we set up next to him (not seeing him nearby...the park is big he stomped off...ignoring our sincere apologies....). Right away another man came to fish and promptly caught TWO GIANT fish!!!...Mr. Grumpy missed his chance, but we enjoyed a good morning anyway....despite the snake incident, which I will share tomorrow...

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