Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Brushy Creek Lake

On Brushy Creek Lake__11x14 oil on linen panel___A workshop demo__$750 unframed
Brushy Creek Lake is near my home in Round Rock, Texas. This point has beautiful views of the sunrise or moonrise this time of year. I will frame this canvas for one of my galleries, unless someone wants it unframed.
Yesterday I told part of the story about painting at this location during last week's workshop....Besides the grumpy man who missed a couple of great fish, we had a snake here! Right there where the water is blue near the bank, a large fish was swimming by and paused to look at us. It lifted about 8 inches of neck high out of the water, then went under the surface near this tree. I could see it rolling a little bit and it seemed to be feeding or reaching. I could tell it was about five feet long and pretty thick, but it did not look poisonous, so I watched it. After about 15 minutes it lay still and we all wondered what to do....I was rather distressed that it looked dead!...eventually, we went back to painting.
Have you ever painted with one eye on the canvas and one eye on a big snake?
Some park rangers happened by to tell us about poison ivy on the tree (right there), and to watch out for water moccasins. We showed them the snake and they fished it out. Sadly the snake had indeed died, after snagging its tail on a hook and lure on the bank. Oh that was sad! He was a magnificent big rat that usually eats rats, mice and I've been told rattle snakes!

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