Friday, June 29, 2012

Second Light

Second Light___6x6 oil study___$150 (see side by side with yesterday's FIRST light)
This was painted IMMEDIATELY after the Red Rubber Ball I posted yesterday. These were a workshop lesson on Capturing Impressions Quickly...I demonstrated on a small scale, so that I could work even faster! The main lesson here was the RADIANT nature of both light and shadow...if you took the workshop, did you remember that???...I cannot wait to develop these lessons further in upcoming workshops!...

Here are some locations for a few of my workshops. email me if you want more info on any of these...
And here is a link to a SPECIAL ONE.
I can't wait to see the water go down the drain BACKWARDS there!
July-August ___weekly__Austin___ "Chocolates and Chiaroscuro" 
Sept. 15, 2012___Salado TX
2013___New York City, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania...
2014___February 23-March 1___New Zealand

**BE SURE to tell me if you sign up! I like to send things to my students to get them ready, keep them "seeing", and thinking, and talking about it!

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