Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiny Yucca 2

Tiny Yucca 2___2.5 x 2.5___original oil with tiny easel__$60
This week I am in Austin, teaching a small group workshop. We have our "home base" at the north Austin RockSports location, which also houses Joel's Coffee, Truffles & Tea...one of those cool new Austin-type coffee houses. Tomorrow we will be there sketching Brad as he makes CHOCOLATE!!!
I want to invite EVERYONE to drop by this week and see what we are up to! If we aren't there. look in the window and you will see our works...The artists I am working with are REALLY good, so we are putting our works on display as we go! "Wet Paint in the Window" is the name of our little group show....you will catch us there between noon and 5 pm....our early mornings and early evenings will be spent "in the field" painting on location around some of Austin's waterways. email me if you need more info. Here is a link to RockSports and Joel's map.
11301 Lakeline Blvd, Austin, TX 78717
....come see us!!

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Kathleen said...

Have fun! It was great to meet you at the Phippen show =) Love your little tiny works!