Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sunny Quick Draw

Sunny __12 x 12 oil__Quick Draw aat the Phippen Museum Show__Sold
A week ago I was in Arizona, painting at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show Quick Draw. This quick draw gives artists 45 minutes to paint, an then 15 minutes to frame it! The crowd gathers around and watches. Artist friends come by and heckle (gotta love those artists!) Then we parade the paintings before a huge crowd and the works are auctioned. Sunny sold to collectors who have purchased from me before!
HEY YOU ARTISTS IN AUSTIN! I have a small group who organized a quick workshop HERE in Austin on the week of June 11-15. I will teach on 3 or 4 of those days! ASre you interested? The group is guaranteed to be small. Email if interested!


Bill Cramer said...

Best. Painter. There. Especially the quick draws! Good to visit and paint with you again at the Phippen. Bill

Kathleen said...

Great Quick Draw! It was really nice to meet you at the Phippen show!