Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arise Shine

01-02-2006 LAst Year on the Farm
You are reading correctly! I did not get the date mixed up on this one :) This is from exactly a year ago! This morning was almost identical! From time to time I will post a painting from the same date, but a previous year.
If you would like to receive my daily painting each morning in your e-mail box, I have a google group: v-vaughan-painted-today You can join my group by putting your e-mail address in the space at right and click JOIN. You will get a confirmation e-mail. open and click the link and you are in! I'll send you the image WITHOUT all this writing. You get an art show in your box each day, that you can view and toss out and not have to go to my blog to look at....unless you like to read all this writing :)
Again, have a Happy New Year!
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