Thursday, January 25, 2007

Imaginary Green

"May Hay" ________Before Last Year on the Farm ___________sold
WELCOME new Bloggers! Thank you for looking in. You can scroll down to see other daily paintings from January, and see the link at bottom of right column to click back into previous months. The Farm paintings are especially fun to see the seasons change>
The painting above was sold before I decided to "hoard" the Farm works. It was painted in MAY. I probably pait this view most, because this is where the cows often hang the hay and troughs. LOOK AT THE GREEN!!!Scroll down and see what it looks like in winter!
I will have 365 paintings of our "Last Year on the Farm", and then I will do "something" with them before selling can RESERVE one if you like it, and have first "dibs" on it. Just leave a comment or contact me by e-mail and say "put my name on the back of this one" and I will! Quite a few are "reserved" already!
In about a week I will announce the date for my 24 paintings in 24 hours "Winter Day Last Year on the Farm".... then we will look forward to Spring....gotta leave soon Posted by Picasa

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Carol Marine said...

This is beautiful! I love all the different shades of green. Spectacular!!!