Monday, January 29, 2007

Rockport Sparkle

"Rockport Sparkle"________8x10___________available
Once again, the painting I thought I hated while doing it, is my FAVORITE painting of the weekend! (A lesson for you artists to "DON'T scrape it off" too soon!
This was my last demonstration of the weekend, as I taught a group of teachers in an educators' conference at the Rockport Center for the Arts....I will teach a plein air workshop one day a month in the spring, for anyone interested! The Saturday sessions begin on Feb. 24.
THIS WEEK I will paint 24 in 24 hours "Winter Day Last Year on the Farm" I did in the fall. I am watching the weather and moon phases to find the best , most "interesting" 24 hour period, so if anyone in the Austin area has a thought about it, PLEASE let me know! Don't hit here

"Rockport Sparkle"
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