Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold Heavy Sky

01-15-2007 Last Year on the Farm
It's not often that we get cold for this long....I am painting the sleet and ice today...it is cold and windy. Yesterday was a sad day on the farm...as I painted this one above, I met with Nancy and Bobby, the family farmers, bringing hay to the cows...as they returned up the hill from the troughs (see Dec. 30 painting)...Bobby had the bucket of the tractor lifted high. What I thought was more hay was actually a big beautiful cow that had died in the cold. Such a sad sight. Today, I can't see the cows, so they must be gathered together in the pen, below the troughs, out of the wind. Winter is so hard on livestock and farmers...please pray for our country's farmers....
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Leslie Sealey said...

Nice use of color in this one!