Sunday, January 21, 2007

Last Cloudy night

01-20-2007 Last Year on the Farm
- Remember, I am not selling the farm paintings until I get all 365 painted....but I am making a list of who wants what :)....just let me know if you see one you like -
There are still slimy puddles around the troughs, and the cattle makes their way down to the pens (just behind these trees) at night now, to sleep. I think they have finally decided that this WILL be a cold season and they are not taking any more chances! I think I learned a little bit about "cow behavior" after all this cold...(Nancy, please correct me if need be...) It seems that our cows seem to know they live in WARM Central Texas. When it gets cold, they just stay put, knowing it won't last usually doesn't. When it got so cold with all the ice last week, they waited days before making their way to better shelter....stupid cows :)

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