Friday, January 19, 2007

Farm Before Thaw

01-18-2007 Last Year on the Farm
...this is one of my favorite ice paintings ...painted yesterday, early...and it thawed very quickly after I painted this....What a wonderful 3 days of ice we out of the usual for our part of Texas! I used up a lot of white this week :) ...and the cows finally came out of hiding. We watched them stream out of the pens and across the pasture to the (now overflowing) tank to get a drink. Once this place is sold I think I will leave after the cows are taken off. They represent, to me, LIFE. They live outdoors all their lives, under the sky and heat and ICE! ...and their Father takes care of them.
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Qiang Huang said...

I really like the way you manage greys. Colors in winter is so challenging, but you presented it so well. I will chat with you more in the future.


Robin Cheers said...

V- It makes me feel so sad that you have to leave this beautiful spot... and that it will soon be covered with tract housing. Thank you for sharing your life on the farm with us. Its something few of us really can grasp, yet its so very American.