Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chicken Clinic

"Chicken Clinic" a workshop demo and lesson
If you ever take a workshop from me, we are very likely to do a "Chicken Clinic". My Chicken Clinic is designed to bring bravery to faint-hearted oil painters (usually students who feel a little rusty or unsure of their oil painting skills :) I guarantee the outcome : You will leave with a chicken you will be proud of! Usually someone in the class will turn out a chicken that I like better than mine!! here are my next workshops...e-mail me to sign up soon!
- June 30, Rockport Center for the Arts. Sunrise Saturday, all day en plein air (one day)
-July 13 -15, Round Rock, TX at the Williamson County Art Center. (3 days)
-Sept. 24 - 28 Shreveport, LA (5 days)

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