Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"FLIGHT SCHEDULE” sketched in frustration V….Vaughan

It had been 24 hours since the time of my originally scheduled flight. I had been bumped 6 times already when I observed this pilot across the terminal. It is my favorite sketch from the dozen or so I made at the airports Monday… I had been bumped off of two flights by other airline people and had seen 4 or 5 others doing what this guy was doing. I befriended one young pilot early in the day, and he was giving me other ideas about getting home (like connecting to someplace way out west where there were no storms), but when the time came to board HE WAS THE ONE who bumped me….#*!!##%&!
While trying to get back from Tennessee, I was in the center of all the recent airline problems….not only was there bad weather, but many flights were cancelled and those people were bumping me….I often fly standby, with never a problem, except this time.


zowie said...

nice works of art..appreciate it...keep up the good work..

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Y'know, It's a save to be an artist stuck in an airport. You can always entertain yourself.
You must have had to practice tolerance Big time.