Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cicada Morning

"06-26-2007 LAst Year...Cicada Morning"

Woke up on the farm this morning....back from 34 hours at airports, trying to get home from Tennessee....whew...

I painted this one about an hour ago...I call it "Cicada Morning" because the cat just secretly brought one inside and when it escaped under the couch and started "buzzing" I nearly had a heart attack, thinking it was a rattle snake. We have a rattle snake that we cannot find right now. Each time we see it, it escapes under something and we are a bit worried that we will find it at the wrong time...

"Last Year on the Farm" paintings will be offered for sale in a few months, when our last year is up. Please ask me if you want a copy of the story. If you see one you like, PLEASE CONTACT V....Vaughan to have a first dibs shot at it. A list is underway....my kids get first pick! ;)

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Factoid just learned. The exact outdoor temp can be assessed by how many chirps per minute (or portion of, I can't remember now) the cricket makes and adding 38.
About the snake. Very disconcerting. I hope it moves out on its own.