Saturday, June 09, 2007

Granite Mountain

"Granite Mountain" 6 x 8 oil on linen $200
After the Phippen Museum Western Art Show, I stayed in Prescott to teach an oil painting, plein air workshop. The planner, my host was Marla Smith, who did an amazing job of rounding up painters and locations in the area. Marla and her husband, Lorrie, are lifetime ranchers in AZ. She knows every square inch of the Prescott (and I suspect all of northern AZ!) area! Even though they are experiencing the worst draught in the USA right now, Marla managed to take us to some locations that were beautiful....
On the way home one day after ALL DAY of painting, Marla detoured us over to some property she and Lorrie own, with this view of their beloved Granite was late, warm sunlight hitting the sage and peaks, and we jumped from the truck and took "color notes" of God's beauty! I hope to paint this landmark some more...perhaps from Marla's studio (unbelieveable view!!!!) time!

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