Thursday, June 28, 2007

Late Spring Last Year__2 pm

"Late Spring Last Year__2 pm"
I painted 24 paintings in 24 hours 2 weeks ago, for "Late Spring Last Year on the Farm". It has been raining nearly every day since this 24 hour period. We still have hay to be cut, though here are bales from the cutting done that week.
I have not painted this view very often, because I cannot see it from my studio. It is where our aunt and uncle lived and raised our cousins. I have to walk out in the pasture and behind the big pole barn to see "The House that Dave Built"...everyone has moved away now, except us...our time is coming soon...we have bought a house in Round Rock...

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You must email me the story about the last year on the farm. Still makes me sad.
I just want you to know that as I was painting in Nova Scotia a few days back I was keeping your paintings in mind. Large scale works on small boards. I haven't posted the paintings yet because the photos need to be re shot. I'll get them up tomorrow.