Monday, June 18, 2007

"Stormy Dawn" 24 in 24 Hours Late Spring

"Stormy Dawn" Late Spring Day, Last Year on the Farm 6 x 8 oil
I woke Saturday morning to BIG lightning and thunder...I watched for a while, trying to memorize what I saw (ever tried to paint lightning en plein air?)...after sketching a little one like this, the sun began to brighten the sky through the thunder (see Saturday's posting), and I continued to paint 24 in the next 24 hours....I actually had a few unintended interruptions, so this ended up covering 2 days of painting....all of which totalled about 18 hours. At the very end, I used my little sketch as reference to paint this small painting...
I will post quite a few of these in the next week, so please come see!
And please leave comments below.
"Last Year on the Farm" paintings will be offered for sale in a few months, when our last year is up. Please ask me if you want a copy of the story. If you see one you like, PLEASE CONTACT V....Vaughan to have a first dibs shot at it. A list is kids get first pick! ;)


H Malott said...

Wonderful! This really reads well. I enjoy seeing your paintings. ~Heidi

C. Ousley said...

Great work and good memory! Some fine work on this here blog.

"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

You have captured so many wonderful views from you farm. You must love it much. This storm painting shows such power, electricity. Time to batten down the hatches. This is the first time I have looked at your work. Very good!