Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28 on the Farm___

"August 28, 2006__Last Year on the Farm"__giclee available soon
This painting was one of my most requested ones of my "Last Year on the Farm". It sold FAST! I painted it THREE YEARS ago, today. I saw a similar scene at a nearby farm, today and it remined me that I promised myself (and a few collectors!) that I will soon paint a large version of this small study. I have the canvas ready, and a frame to put it in! The large original

will be 24 x 30 (or maybe 30 x 40...I can't decide!)...but, I also want to print a small edition of canvas giclees....My "farm work" remains my BEST work, I think. I published a small book with LOTS of pictures of the paintings. Order info is below...
A thought for my artist friends: Use your good studies as reference for larger works....this is what they are for! So many of the little "daily paintings" I do end up being re-created as larger works. Half the fun is trying to re-capture the freshness and brushwork of the study....the other half of the fun is selling the little study!

"Last Year on the Farm : A Story of Change..." THE BOOK IS HERE!

$29 plus 5 to ship. Total : $34

This exhibit of 365 small plein air paintings toured the country on exhibit in 2008. All of the paintings are up on my web site, and many are available for purchase NOW!

I put together a 50 page book, measuring 7" x 7", which is just FULL of some of my favorite images from my "Last Year on the Farm". There are two paintings for each month and a section showing two complete groups of "24 paintings in 24 hours" : "Fall Day...." and "Winter Day....". The book is available in paperback or Hard boound and includes a few of my thoughts and a short story about the project.

It is a WONDERFUL story of the end of a way of life in America. It's a story that touches MOST Americans as we say goodbye to small time farming.

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