Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mission Concepcion__6 x 4 oil study

"Mission Concepcion_Study" 6 x 4 oil on linen with a really beautiful special frame! $220
Sunday after church my son and a pack of his buddies went to Schlitterbahn to say goodbye to summer. (If you ever come to central Texas in the summer you MUST spend a day at matter how you look in a swim suit!)...I drove my son there after church and then went on to San Antonio by myself to visit the missions with some tiny canvases on hand. I have been working with some special framing methoods for these tiny canvases, so that I can send these little gems to my great galleries. I will tell more about these frames tomorrow...

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Art with Liz said...

Besides being an awesome painting, how do you paint so small??

Love the grapes and guess what, I thought Florence was in Italy! Didn't know you had one over there.