Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breezy Palm_8x6 oil on inen

"Breezy Palm"__8x6 oil on linen___$250 image for juicy details
Sitting on C and D's deck over the bay, I enjoyed hearing the rustling of this palm so much, I decided to paint it.
The trip to the beach went too fast. Another good reason to paint on location is that a painting actually lasts longer than a photo…REALLY! Taking a photo does not place the thing in your memory. It’s a “mechanical” exercise. Whereas, sketching or drawing engages every part of our “learning” ability. We make visual judgments of space, perspective, scale, color…not to mention the deeply personal exercise of brushwork! There is PLENTY of loaded brushwork in this little sketch!


1000 paintings said...

Love these brushstrokes and the atmosphere it has created, like I am almost there.

Pam Holnback said...

I can see and feel all the brushstrokes and love all the texture.

sfox said...

Your comments are so, so true about how important sketching and drawing are. We met a few years ago at Reflections of Nature. I had the Mongolian wild horse paintings.
I just found your blog via Carol Marine's blog.
Hope this finds you well! Your work is as great as ever.
Susan Fox