Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer's End - Taos__6 x 8 oil

"Summer's End - Taos, NM" 6 x 8 oil study on linen panel____$150 if you like thick paint!
A few weeks ago we left Taos as the day was leaving town. I love the time of day where shadows are long, and in Taos, they are always crisp and COOL shadows!...speaking of cool, we FINALLY got our A/C fixed...just as the clods came and it got below 100....whew!...NEXT WEEK, I will be on the Texas coast....heading down to paint for a few days. Any suggestions? SERIOUSLY! If you tell me what to paint, and I paint it, I will let you have first "pickin's" on the small studies! ...hit the comment button, and I will get my colors ready!!! Be sure to leave your e-mail address!


C. Ousley said...

Most excellent! Lots of mules down below! I also like that you posted your pencil sketch and notes. I work like that a lot and it's amazing how much you can remember from a quick sketch.

Bill Cramer said...

V, How ya doin'? I really like this! Your small works are such gems (of course I like your larger works, too!) Hope all is well.