Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mule 7 of 14 Mules

"Mule 7 Study for 'Fourteen Mules'"__6x8 oil on linen
Here is mule #7, a study for the seventh mule on my big painting, "Fourteen Mules". I will FINALLY post the BIG ONE, tomorrow, and you will be able to see all 14 mules "in context" :). Now that the painting is done, I can FINALLY let the studies go, to whoever asks for them "second". I am permitting the patrons who commissioned the BIG ONE have first "pickings" of the studies. If they decide to NOT take them, then they are available to anyone else who wants them. Please let me know your preference! See all the painted studies on the blog this week, and see the sketches on the blog archives in November and December of 2008.

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