Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bienvenido Rain_study_6x8 oil

"Bienvenido Rain"_study_6x8 oil on linen____$150 after I'm done with it, next week!
I am preparing a couple of paintings for a show coming up here in Austin. The theme of this show is "Bienvenidos", which means WELCOME in spanish. Here is a study...a painting from the other night when some rain came REAL close to us at sunset. I was on my way to the little drugstore for some Advil and Icy Hot for Mr. Football Player and this BRILLIANT sky loomed over the nearby ranch....The poor, sore football player had to wait a few extra moments, because lucky mama had her camera....I used the pics as reference and painted this welcome sight as soon as I got home....I will post the final painting next week...
*NOTE to are fine, really, but use them RIGHT AWAY, before the impression of the REAL light fades from memory. As I occasionally judge art shows, I can TEL when someone only works from is a very obvious distinction..use your God-given appreciation for REAL LIFE LIGHT in your paintings. If you struggle with this, do more little studies outside....I DO!


Caio Fernandes said...

hi V... !!
it was a wonderful surprise to know your works today .
this is the first time i come to your blog and i am very well impressed .
the pictoric values are incredible . and when i see the size of then ... it gets even more impressive .
God bless you ...

Diana Moses Botkin said...


You go girl!

I love how you make it look so easy... and I know it's not.