Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colorado River, Texas Sky

"Colorado River, Texas Sky"____24 x 30 oil on linen____available
We have our very own Colorado River flowing right through Central Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. I walked alongside it last week with my friend, and this pretty bend caught my eye. This time of year there is a never ending spiral column of buzzards riding the thermals above the treetops. I like that. It LOOKS LIKE TEXAS!!!
I found out today why the Colorado River was flowing so hard that day....they are releasing water from the lakes near Austin to send downstream to the rice farmers who desperately need it. This is why the Colorado River was dammed up in the first place, ...for FOOD, y'all....the boating and water sports are a "new idea" and way down on the list of priorities....Our lakes are terribly dry, but one good tropical storm will bring them back in a hurry!


connie said...

I especially love those clouds. With the overlapping and linear perspective, you have created a wonderful sense of space. I MUST learn to do this. Awesome work!

MOM/Gina said...

My mother's family was raised on the Colorado River at Columbus TX. I was there once doing genealogy...I have much family history there. Thanx for posting this pic.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Love the clouds. This painting is lovely. I feel as though I am standing there.