Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mule 6 Study

"Mule 6 Study"___5.5 x 4.25 oil on linen panel...see #5 below
Yesterday I posted Mule #5 from the real painting, so I am posting the STUDY of Mule #5 below. Take a look and compare them...you will see the difference :).... While painting Mule 6, I decided to hold the canvas in my hand while painting. I OFTEN just hold the canvas in my hand, even en plein air, or teaching. I like the flexibility of being able to turn it upside-down or sideways to get a better brush angle or to check composition. But for this one, I was just being lazy, because I wanted to sit on my high chair while painting. Well, when I leaned back, the back-rest part of the chair broke and I fell straight back. All I thought of was "don't hit your head", and "save the painting!" (not in that order). Since I accomplished both. I was pretty relieved!
Mule 5 Study....

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