Saturday, September 15, 2007

9pm Late Spring

"Last Year on the Farm - Late Spring Day 24 paintings - 9pm"
Today I am painting a "Summer 24 Paintings in 24 Hours".
I waited for a HOT, TYPICAL summer day and , well, we really have not had any! I wanted to do this "Summer 24" when the temps were over 100, but that never really happened either. Now summer will be gone next week, (by the calendar, anyway), so I'd better move on my series of seasonal "24's".
I will start at about 8 am, so, Denise, if you are watching, give me a call! :)
AND PLEASE GO SEE WHAT WE HAVE PUT ON THE WEB SITE! PLEASE MAKE YOUR DIBS NOW! THE PRICE WILL BE BETWEEN $500-700 for 90% of these paintings (the ones that are 6 x 8) and that is FRAMED...
NOW ON the WEB SITE: one by one we are adding EACH of the 365 paintings. They are almost all there, PLUS a little info about what is ahead....AND...The Story:"Last Year on the Farm", by Jeff Sparks (a great writer from Arkansas...he tells it better than I do!) PLEASE tell your friends and point them to

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love the colors and fresh, quick manner of this painting!