Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stalking Shrimp

"Stalking Shrimp".......5 x 7..........mine!
This is a little painting in my own collection. I painted it about 5 years ago when my mom took us all to Galveston. She and I sat on the porch overlooking the gulf and she watched me paint this. I gave it to her and she had it in her house until last summerwhen she had to move out to live with my sister...so mom gave this one back, and I plan to KEEP IT!...It is hard to part with your own paintings sometimes. Especially when each one I paint on location carries more memories with it than just the application of paint!
SATURDAY THIS WEEK, I will be with a gang in Rockport, TX, teaching a one-day-all-day workshop "Stalking Shrimpboats"...the day will have an architectural emphasis.
THere is room for more, so PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you'd like to caravan with us from Austin on Friday!
NOW ON the WEB SITE: one by one we are adding EACH of the 365 Last Year on the Farm paintings. They are almost all there, PLUS a little info about what is ahead....AND...The Story:"Last Year on the Farm", by Jeff Sparks (a great writer from Arkansas...he tells it better than I do!) PLEASE tell your friends and point them tohttp://www.v-vaughan.com

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C. Ousley said...

I like the silvery tones here. That Sept 1 in Texas is a scorcher.