Monday, September 10, 2007

Hay Tips

"01-11-2007 Last Year on the Farm"
Last Jan 11 the cows were here, but this painting just shows the farm view from my studio. At sunset the shadows get long and the hay that wasn't cut at the end of summer had been trampled down, but the tips of it caught the light.
In Jan 2008 we will be long gone, but since the hay was not cut in this field this summer, it might look a lot like this.
NOW ON MY WEB SITE: one by one we are adding EACH of the 365 paintings. January is almost all there, PLUS a little info about what is ahead....AND...The Story:"Last Year on the Farm", by Jeff Sparks (a great writer from Arkansas...he tells it better than I do!) PLEASE tell your friends and point them to

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