Thursday, September 06, 2007

Looking Ahead : Cow with Egrets

"06-04-2006 Last Year on the Farm" .........available for "dibs"
This cow grazed on the move, never lifting her head, I reckoned that the egrets were her eyes. Nestled close to her face, they would alert her if she had reason to look up.
I guess "dibs" is not just a southern term, because many of you have responded from other parts of the country! I really appreciate the response! Many of the recent posts have gotten "dibs" on them.
I did not say much about it when I started posting these last year. So now, since I will offer them for sale real soon, I invite you all to LOOK BACK through the archives and see if there is any you might like! ESPECIALLY those of you who frequently comment. You have been "with me" through this, and I would like you to have first shot at one you like when I "release" them.
See the list of months at right, scroll through, and if you see a farm painting you might like to have, LET ME KNOW! You could have "First Dibs" ! Remember that you are not obligated to purchase, but will have the first option.
The show opens in October. You are invited to my reception at the Farm on Oct 20.

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