Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In Line

"05-01-2006 Last Year on the Farm" .........available for dibs

These egrets seemed to line up to have their shot at the next bug snack! Below I explain how you can "line up" to purchase any of these paintings of my "Last Year on the Farm"...There is a lot to read, today, so please e-mail me if you have questions...

In October I will release this farm and all 365 farm paintings. This is becoming very symbolic for me in so many ways. I will send out e-mail announcements and directions. If you would like a PAPER invitation, those will be sent out in a few weeks. E-mail me your address to let me know if you want these announcements.

My web site will have ALL 365 paintings under the "Farm" link soon. KEEP WATCHING! If you want one of these Farm Paintings, You can put your "dibs" on ANYTHING right now! Just page back through the archives, let me know which one(s) you want to consider, and I will put your name on back. You will have the OPTION to buy it in October. Here's how the release will happen...

My kids will select a few ....then, whoever is next in line for a painting will have the OPTION to buy it. If they have their name on a couple, they will likely take their favorite and "pass" on the rest. So get your dibs in NOW !
Just having your name on the list for a painting does not COMMIT you to having to buy it. That's why I encourage you to put dibs on a FEW!!!
I will be happy to keep them all if EVERYONE "passes". My heart is in these paintings...deeply!
BUT,...if all the paintings are sold, then I will buy a new farm! That's good , too :)

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