Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking Elsewhere

"Last Year on the Farm 06-04-2006"........available for dibs
I recently posted a BUNCH from this series of cows and egrets. Look back in Sept. and Aug. to see the others...and there are plenty more! These birds were finisshed with this place and were lookeng elsewhere for new ME!
As I get close to "unveiling" 365 paintings of "Last Year on the Farm" , I have been spending time looking over what I have done....I am going to be adding paintings to the series until our very LAST DAY at the, yesterday I painted a SUMMER DAY>>>
WHAT a great 24 hours it has been!
Yesterday at about 9 am I began painting "Summer Day Last Year on the Farm - 24 Paintings in 24 Hours"...I am HAPPY that I was able to stick with it...a PERFECT day! (Unlike the Spring day which took 3 tries!)
It was not a "typical" Central Texas summer day, but I really enjoyed the "cool" difference. Lots of wonderful things happened during the paint-out...I will share the stories as I post the art in upcoming days....PLEASE PLAN TO COME SEE ALL 365 works...
NOW ON the WEB SITE: one by one we are adding EACH of the 365 paintings. They are almost all there, PLUS a little info about what is ahead....AND...The Story:"Last Year on the Farm", by Jeff Sparks (a great writer from Arkansas...he tells it better than I do!) PLEASE tell your friends and point them to

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