Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rooster Background

Summer Day Last Year on the Farm 10:15 am........ dibs anyone?
I bet my workshop friends thought they'd see a "chicken Clinic", here, right?...haha...they know what I mean by that! At the recent workshop in Shreveport, I used this little study to paint a bigger one as a demo, showing the class how to use your studies as reference for larger works...the big one is nice, and I will post it is available now...

But, during my "24 in 24", as I painted this I heard the neighbor's roosters crowing and crowing back in the distant "background" over my left shoulder...probably sad for the doves getting shot at :)

I remember hanging clothes on the line here when I first arrived nearly 30 years ago, and hearing the roosters nearby. Today's painting was full of memories!....

We have been loading more images almost every day on the web site.The entire show or 365 paintings of 'Last Year on the Farm" will be up pretty soon. Right now we are preparing maps, so you will find us on "show day".Please browse and place your dibs on your favorite paintings. No obligation to "dibs", but I want you to be able to own one of these if you want to, and my kids get first pick....if you like one they have chosen, you can get another one if you have dibs on kids are dragging their feet to pick theirs...guess they are waiting to see them all at once :)
The frames are on the way, so I will firm up pricces when I get them. After I announce the price, I will start contacting you who have dibs to let you have the first option to buy it ...this will be in about 2 weeks.THANKS FOR JOINING ME IN MY LAST YEAR ON THE FARM!

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••• Sally Shisler said...

I love how you compose your paintings. Traditional at first, then all of a sudden something that brings the painting a little surprise. Very well done!