Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Long Shadows - Shorter Days

"Last Year on the Farm 02-13-2006"......6 x 8 oil.....available for "dibs"
I said something like this, yesterday..."It is hard to part with your own paintings sometimes. Especially when each one I paint on location carries more memories with it than just the application of paint! "
I know I will have a hard time parting with 365 farm paintings, but so many of you have walked with me in this and I feel like y'all are "on the farm" with me at times. It will bring great pleasure to send you home with a little bit of the farm in your hand, if you see one you'd like to let me know!
I am still working out details of the sale, but I DO KNOW THIS....if you are reading this now, you are a friend (or a friend of a friend, and that counts, too!) I am starting this exhibition off with the idea to HONOR my friends with a better price. After my show, the paintings will head out to other shows and galleries and the price will naturally include a percentage for these business partners. Please remember that it pleases me MOST to have "pieces of my farm" in the hands of my friends :)
Time to "dibs up!"...let me know if you see one you like, and I will have the price and terms on them in a couple of weeks.... There is no obligation to buy, but you get first chance to say "no" when I post the prices...(it will be $500-$700 per painting, depending on size and framing options :)

NOW ON the WEB SITE: one by one we are adding EACH of the 365 paintings. They are almost all there, PLUS a little info about what is ahead....AND...The Story:"Last Year on the Farm", by Jeff Sparks (a great writer from Arkansas...he tells it better than I do!) PLEASE tell your friends and point them to

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