Saturday, December 15, 2007

Colored Pencil Sports Framed

Framed Colored Pencil Sports Art......originals, average size 18 x 22 BIG!...$100 each
All four for $350
These go way back to my tee shirt days. Prismacolored Pencil drawings on Canson paper or acid free matt board. They are colorfully framed and would look good in a young athlete's room. These are ORIGINAL works of art and when I die they will be worth a TON!
-I used a photo of myself for the soccer player girls..the girl in blue.
-Former University of Texas Basketball player, Lance Blanks was my model for the basketball guys. I did a job for him while he was still playing and he brought me to some games to take photographs. He was recently inducted into the University's Hall of Frame.
-I think my favorite one is the tennis player, though. It is no one famous, but is a little stylized and I like that.
EMAIL ME if you want any or all of these! There will be a small shipping charge.

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