Monday, December 17, 2007

Wet Water

Rockport Reflection"....6x8...oil on Linen Panel....$150 to the first to ask!
Merry Christmas! Free shipping on this one. It's a demo I did at my November workshop in Rockport. I wanted to show how its COLOR that gicves the impression of "wet". It was a drizzly afternoon and the dock was wet, the sky was wet and the w ter was wet!
I will give a series of one day workshops in Rockport, TX next year. Each one will build on the last oone and my goal is to SEE improvement in my students each time, and to equip YOU to grow as a painter!
The first class is January 19. We will have a long and SERIOUS day of DRAWING....using some pencil but mostly, preparing the drawing before you paint and using a brush. I like to say that pencil drawing uses LINE, brush drawing uses SHAPES....we will explore perspective, scale and proportion. I hold nothing back and give all my "secrets"...Before becoming an impressionist, I was a photorealist, able to draw with precision. My strength is drawing and I LOVE to pass on all the great shortcuts I know.
PLEASE plan to come to the January workshop! Contact the Rockport Center for the Arts for more info.

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