Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seven Stroke Shrimp

"Seven Stroke Shrimp"....8 x 10 oil on linen...$150includes shipping for the first one who wants it!
I painted this one as a TV demo in California in October.
It's nice and juicy, and taking up space in my studio, so I am putting it into my "Studio Sale". I am glad that many of you have responded and are helping me find good homes for these little gems...clearing the way for new works in 2008.
Here is the latest on the "Last Year on the Farm" show...
Iam typing this from York , NE, on th eway home from delivering all the framed farm paintings.
Those of you who have purchased your "dibs" painting will love the show! If there is ANY way you can get up to Lincoln's GreatPlains Art Museum , you will be so impressed by this great space for art. I am sincerely humbled to have my art hanging there from now until March 14, 2008. The reception is Jan 4. I will be flying in from Albuquerque after a family trip. I hope to see you there.
More details and a SURPRISE in the next few days! Stay tuned...Merry Christmas!!!

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