Thursday, December 13, 2007

Colorful Austin

"Colorful Austin"....appx 17 x 22 framed print....$75 framed, $20 unframed, 12 x 16 , includes shipping!

If you remember back that far, Austin used to be pretty cool! And, the tallest buildings here were the Capitol and the UT tower. That tells you what we thought was most important, back then!

This art was a commercial project done years ago. Most of the BEST Austin icons are here: The hills, 360 bridge, moonlight towers, lakes, sometimes islands, sixth street....nothing is labled, so you have to have a clue about Austin to see it all with appreciation.'s colorful!!! My favorite icon here is our farm house up at the top right, with the cows coming home!

I have a few dozen of these prints, but only one framed one. It's a fun one! Take your pick!!
One framed one at $75 Unframed $20 Includes shipping.

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Jacob Witt said...

Do you still have this one?