Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year_Blaze of Glory

"Don's Sky"....12 x 12....available
Well, I am ending the year here with a "Blaze"! This Rockport sunrise was ablaze a few weeks ago when I painted after my last workshop there. (The NEXT one day plein air workshop is Jan.19. We will have a full day of DRAWING...starting with pencil, but painting and using a brush later in the day. I'll even have hand-outs!)
REMINDER: See yesterday's BLOG about my new book "Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change". You can order them RIGHT NOW, and they will be delivered at the end of January.
I take checks , Paypal and Credit cards.
Please look for the Paypal button on the BLOG SOON, but till then, you can e-mail me( if you want to do the credit card, or just drop a check in the mail.
The price is $29 for now. It might go up a few dollars, but I will also throw in the shipping and tax for this intro time :)
Here's my address:
2606 Starling Dr.
Round Rock, TX 78781

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