Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Morro Coffee

"Morro Coffee"...6 x 8 oil on linen...$100 to the first to ask! Add $15 to overnight it to you!
It looked like a cool old diner, so we decided to paint it! This little place in Morro Bay, CA actually housed a great coffee bean grinder and the folks here make bags of coffee which they wholesale. I think they are wasting a great "storefront" by not having a retail shop. While we were painting there, a half dozen or more people stopped by to see what the building was and if they could go inside.
As I continue my "Studio Sale", I have found wonderful homes for many of these paintings that need them! Lotsof my friends have purchased these special bargains. I say a BIG THANK YOU and Merry CHristmas!

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Susan Beauchemin said...

I live in Morro Bay--This building must have changed hands a number of times. Good to see paintings of places I recognise! Nice job.