Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gone By...forgotten

"Gone By" 20 x 24
I painted this for last year's SEWE Show and it didn't sell. I meant to bring it back for this year's show, but when I got here and unpacked, I found out I had left it at home. So here is a big nice painting (see the swimming geese in the background?), so this one is available at a bargain to whoever wants it first!...then I got a call from the hotel in Jacksonville where I had stayed the night I flew out here "V....Vaughan? You left your laptop in the room, do you want us to send it to you?"....("yes!!, and...uh....thank you for NOT stealing it!)...and then, my first day driving through the parking garage at the Charleston Place Hotel, a guy backed DOWN the "up-ramp" cracking my rental bumper with his trailer hitch....then he drove off! Hit and run....but he went up and PARKED I left a note, photographed the car from 3 angles, called the police, called the rental company, called my insurance company....and did I tell you I am also selling art out here:)
Thank you to all my new friends who have come to see me in Charleston! Tomorrow is the last day of the show, I hope there are fewer of my kind of adventures, and more art sales!
Monday and Tuesday I will be at ACE Basin, hoping to photograph and paint the whooping cranes!
Watch for more!

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Austin Maloney said...

I love the mood you create with yous colors and use of light.