Monday, February 11, 2008

Seven Farm Strokes

"Seven Farm Strokes" 9 x 12 $200
A couple months ago at one of my Rockport workshop days, I led the class in a "Seven Stroke" painting. We used the image I have adopted as one of the promo paintings for my "Last Year on the Farm" exhibit this year. From a reproduction, we painted this with just seven strokes. I think I added three, but the basic idea was down in seven. It's a fun exercise I did for the first time last year while painting in South Carolina.
I'll be there for the rest of the week at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston.
Please come see me and lots of new work I've done just for this show!
Status: Last Year on the Farm ...-Please click here to read a GREAT REVIEW by Kent Wolgamott in the Lincoln JournalStar: Most of the exhibit will be held over at the Great Plains Museum until THE END of March. It's going WELL and the museum has told me it is a "Stunning Success".-THE BOOK is at the printer now, after I did some editing and added a few pages. I ordered extras of this first edition.EMAIL ME to order, or check the BLOG ON JAN. 9 to use the paypal button.

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