Friday, February 15, 2008

In the Low Country

"Low Country Layers".....18 x 24....$2500 or so
These are ibis with black tipped wings coming in for a landing in a marshy area along the Ashley River. I painted it last year in Charleston.
They call the Charleston area of South Carolina, "The Low Country". I always love the special nicknames that regions of America call themselves:
Jackshoville FL = The First Coast
Memphis, TN = The Mid-South
Brownsville, TX = "The Valley"
Austin, TX likes calling themselves "weird"....hmmmm....if you know others, leave a comment :)
If you come to see me at SEWE this weekend, and want to see this painting, be sure to ask, because I didn't have room to hang it, and it's in the back....if you ask, I will give you a VERY special price of $'s that? Of course, you, my blog/e-mail friends can have the same deal! Just ask in an e-mail!
I am off to an exciting start here...I left my laptop at the hotel in Jacksonville, and they are sending it to me today, I had a fender bender, getting hit by someone, in the hotel parking garage in Charleston...and sold a painting.
Status: Last Year on the Farm ...-Please click here to read a GREAT REVIEW by Kent Wolgamott in the Lincoln JournalStar: Most of the exhibit will be held over at the Great Plains Museum until THE END of March. It's going WELL and the museum has told me it is a "Stunning Success".-THE BOOK is at the printer now, after I did some editing and added a few pages. I ordered extras of this first edition.EMAIL ME to order, or check the BLOG ON JAN. 9 to use the paypal button.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

What an adventure you're having!

This is a beautiful piece. All your latest work is just fantastic.. as always!

Roxanne Steed said...

I love this beautiful golden marsh view- I used to live in Charleston, many years ago (was married there). Years after that- I also got to meet Joe Garcia in San Diego, at the Escondido Art Assn. -reading your blog has such a familiar ring to all my "known places of my life"...Best wishes for success on the current show(s) & beautiful work!!!