Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Zion Buffalo

"Zion Buffalo" 6x8 palette droppings on linen panel
I have been painting a lot these past few weeks, and it was time to scrape the palette. This painting was made from my palette droppings. I'ts a little study from photos I made while painting in Zion National Park a few years ago.
Lots of texture...lots of fun!
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Status: Last Year on the Farm ...
-Please click here to read a GREAT REVIEW by Kent Wolgamott in the Lincoln JournalStar:
- Most of the exhibit will be held over at the Great Plains Museum until THE END of March. It's going WELL and the museum has told me it is a "Stunning Success".
-THE BOOK is at the printer now, after I did some editing and added a few pages. You may still order the first edition.
EMAIL ME to order, or check the BLOG ON JAN. 9 to use the paypal button.

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