Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Angus Moonrise_16 x 20

"Angus Moonrise"__16 x 20 oil on linen___available at the Phippen Show next weekend

Here is the second painting I did the other night, It was hard to photograph,
...sorry. But the fun was doing this one and yesterday's painting all at once inthe span of about an hour... Being in an unfamiliar location, I had to guess where the moon would appear on the horizon. I know that the moon and sun follow a very similar path in the sky, so I used the reflective rays from the sun, which trace across the sky at sunset and pointed directly to where the moon would be...it worked pretty well and I was able to compose and paint much of this before the moon made an appearance...by the time I finished this one, it was hard to see the paint on the palette, but I was prepared and able to finish even in the dark! I will be teaching this important lesson on Saturday night of my weekend workshop at the Fredericksburg Artists School on June 5 - 7. We will have a great moon night, with a waxing crescent moon, and a cool Texas sunset...I can't wait to meet all those of you who are coming...If you are interested, sign up soon...there are still a few spots

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love it. Also, did not know that about the moon. You are amazing!