Saturday, May 30, 2009

Victorian Light

"Victorian Light_Demo"___9 x 12 oil on linen panel____ $190
The reason this looks "short" for a 9 x 12 is because I cropped off the part where a box slid across the wet painting. I will fix the smear tomorrow, and if you are interested in the "whole thing" I will send you the adjusted image ....I painted this one as an afternoon demo with some great painters from north Texas. Most are painting this week in the Plein Air festival in Waxahachie, so if you live up that way, make an effort to get over there to see the work they are doing. I can vouch for the REAL GOOD QUALITY of the works being produced this week! I was REALLY challenged by the group of 10 or so at the workshop I taught yesterday! Wish I could have stayed and painted with them, but two weeks away from home is my limit! I made it back am getting ready for my BIG workshop in Fredericksburg! Join us if you can....there might be one or two spots available, so sign up with a friend! I will go out there this week to scout locations and deliver supplies.

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